We’re completing another series today, one that has been close to our hearts really. Chapters 9 through 13 of Home by Ueda Rinko! There’s a twist at the end, so read carefully.

Luppy has drawn more Adventures of Totochan and K2 comics (4!), so for those who like a humorous rendering of what we’ve been up to, savor them.

Also, for those not in the know, our beloved totochan has been missing for almost half a year now. Her absence is getting scarier by the day, so we’ve created Project Find Totochan (PFT). Members are required to scour the world (in case she’s been enslaved, we’re not excluding the areas outside of the U.S.) and post any evidence of her. Join today!

Oh, and totochan (assuming she’s still alive) turns 20-something on July 11th. If you’re reading this, toto, phone home!

- PFT leader

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Yo folks, Luppy be changing her ftp server this week so all da Http links be down.

So check out this link instead:



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Hiya, this is totochan, and I am back! Well, thanks to our good “joint” pals at Storm in Heaven and K2less (that’s us) we are able to come bearing gifts! In case you didn’t read the topic, we bring you a complete volume – Tamara by SOURYO Fuyumi (It’s three wonderful chapters of murder, mystery and mayhem).

You can find direct download links at Storm in Heaven website.

P.S. K2less finally have one complete project, whoo hoo!

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Happy New Year everyone! *Sorry for the extremely late message*
Anyway, in case you guys haven’t notice, together with Storm in Heaven, we present you with a new project, Yakumo Tatsu! We have just released Volume 1 Chapter 1. If you like fantasy, history along with a bit of yaoi(!?), you will definitely like this series. You can find the release in SIH and our IRC channel.

Another message with regards to our releases, if we never specified that a title has been dropped, we probably haven’t drop it. Just to let you know :)

Last but definitely not least, we can always use more help at in2k2 and k2less. Please drop us a line at in2k2.k2less &at& gmail &dot& com.

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Okay, we have released the first chapter of Genyou no Meizu. Thanks to everyone who helped bring this chapter out.

Also, we need editors for Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono, Prime Minister and some other stuff. In2k2 and K2less have a backlog of titles so really need a qcer to help out. So if you have time and skills please contact as us in2k2.k2less &at& gmail &dot& com

New Project added: Vampir -
Since Demon Sacred is finished, yay! Itsuki has resumed her other series, Vampir, which we will be working on. This title is published in a magazine intended for a mature audience, so if anyone out there knows their Japanese (without the use of Furigana) and would like to help us with Vampir (so far there are only two chapters out now). Please contact as us in2k2.k2less &at& gmail &dot& com